VPN penetration testing explained

A Virtual Private Network, or VPN, is a gateway to your organizational network. While companies often prefer using a VPN for remote access, its importance has only increased by the COVID-19 pandemic. We recommended using VPNs as one of the good security practices to follow while working remotely. From an attacker’s perspective, finding a VPN … Continued

ISO 27001 Certification for a SaaS Company

Every day, new SaaS products are being launched into the market, and they are being adopted, but at a relatively slower pace. At present, security continues to be the top barrier to adoption of SaaS products. After a SaaS company implements the controls outlined in ISO 27001 and gets certified, it can show that it is fully … Continued

Penetration Testing for ISO 27001 Control A.12.6.1

Out of all the security standards that have been prescribed by various bodies and organizations so far, ISO 27001:2013 has been the most popular one – without any doubts. Containing ten clauses and 114 controls, this standard has also served as a stepping stone for many organizations to improvise their information security policies and procedures. In this post, … Continued