Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing in AWS for SOC 2 Compliance

Many organizations have now started considering security as an essential factor while choosing a vendor. This shift has led to a surge in service providers opting for SOC 2 compliance to demonstrate that they have implemented an adequate level of security controls, and an authorized third-party have audited these controls.  SOC, or the System Organization Control, prescribes five trust service principles (TSPs) – … Continued

DAST v. SAST: Which one is better?

Earlier, security and privacy concerns were often used to be after-development activities, or they were ignored altogether. The ever-evolving threat landscape has definitely changed this position taken by the organizations and now, they are indeed concerned about the security issues associated with their application or software being developed. Or in other words, organizations are now … Continued

Introduction to Penetration Testing

Anyone that has worked in network security domain or information security domain can probably give you an answer. A penetration test is a permissive incursion on a computer system, web application or any network device. It is a simulated assault on your network, software, and computer. The attack is performed to bypass the security of … Continued