Recommended online platform for testing SSL, TLS, and the latest vulnerabilities

This is an undeniable fact that the threat landscape has been evolving at an unprecedented rate. Modern-day businesses cannot ignore the security of their technical infrastructure under the belief that the attackers will not target them. The attackers always remain on the lookout for identifying vulnerabilities and exploiting them for a variety of reasons.  Since … Continued

Benefits of Phishing Simulations

Email is the primary channel for corporate communications. On the one hand, emails have seamlessly replaced printed papers and postal delivery system that took multiple days to deliver letters across the country, while on the other hand, the attackers utilize email as a propagation medium to launch various types of attack. In this article, we explore the … Continued

Agile Security Testing Process

The introduction of Agile software development lifecycles has revolutionized how applications and software are developed. Simultaneously, the discussions around incorporating security in the agile development process have been well supported by DevOps and DevSecOps. Time plays a critical role in the agile development process, and hence, security testing activities shall be cohesively integrated into the development process so that … Continued