DevOps best practices for vulnerability scanning

Considering the market dynamics and increasing competition in various industry segments, organizations seek to minimize their applications’ time-to-market. Companies adopt DevOps principles for improving the delivery speed and enhancing the agility in their workflows. While DevOps is not a new concept, it focusses on collaboration between development and operations within an organization. Due to this … Continued

Cybersecurity checklist for SaaS applications

In the last few years, we have seen that SaaS businesses have grown at a sky-high pace. Due to quick setup, scalability, easy upgrade, and low physical infrastructure requirements, SaaS products are becoming the first choice of businesses across the globe, irrespective of their size. BreachLock’s offerings include a SaaS platform, and if you are … Continued

Recommended online platform for testing SSL, TLS, and the latest vulnerabilities

This is an undeniable fact that the threat landscape has been evolving at an unprecedented rate. Modern-day businesses cannot ignore the security of their technical infrastructure under the belief that the attackers will not target them. The attackers always remain on the lookout for identifying vulnerabilities and exploiting them for a variety of reasons.  Since … Continued

Agile security testing for applications – the way forward?

Businesses are increasingly moving towards adopting DevOps in their development process so that the time-to-time (TTM) is reduced. With the second decade of this millennium coming to an end, the development lifecycle for any software development project cannot be static stages with teams working in their silos with minimum communication with each other.   While at the same … Continued

DevSecOps – Best Practices

Organizations who have combined development and operations (i.e. implemented DevOps) have been able to deploy the applications at a faster rate. With the increasing concerns for security, they are now looking for security solutions to integrate security in their development and operations processes. DevSecOps, integration of DevOps and security, is steadily getting popular along with slowly changing … Continued

Penetration Testing at DevSecOps Speed

It is time to say goodbye to those times when security and privacy concerns used to be after-development activities or were ignored altogether. The intricacies of ever-evolving cyber space have made it an inherent responsibility for businesses across the world to incorporate security and privacy measures in their products and services. While businesses adapt to … Continued

Introduction to DevSecOps

Introduction Ask any cyber security expert about the current threat landscape and you will find a similar statement in their answers i.e. number of threats have increased exponentially. It is expected that by 2021, cybercrime damages will cost $6 trillion. Along similar lines, the Ponemon Institute has found the average cost of a data breach … Continued