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IoT Penetration Testing – Discover the vulnerabilities in your Smart Devices with BreachLock™

Hardware Penetration Testing + Software Penetration Testing = BreachLock™ IoT Penetration Testing

Our services focus on deep inspection, reverse-engineering the hardware components, exploiting firmware, and other critical modules. Our objective is to reveal security vulnerabilities before hackers can take advantage of them.

Firmware Penetration Testing

We will examine the firmware to discover vulnerabilities such as a backdoor, buffer overflow, format string vulnerabilities to name a few. We examine firmware upgrade process and boot process to ensure that encryption and upgrade methods are executed in a secure manner.

Hardware Penetration Testing

Hardware device and Internet-of-Things focused penetration testing aims to identify flaws such as: Weak Passwords, Insecure Protocols, Insecure APIs, Insecure Communication Channels, Misconfigurations, authentication by pass vulnerabilities and many more.

Find Critical Vulnerabilities

Database injection, authentication failure, data leaks, XML exposure to external entities, brute force, access controls, and security misconfiguration are few examples of test cases that we include in our approach. We also test for business logic security flaws in your web applications.

Unlimited Online Support

Technical Support is available to assist with our test results. We will work closely with your IT team and partners to ensure that security gaps are identified and provide advice to help you address them. Our SaaS portal facilitates the whole workflow in an easy to manage way.

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A Complete Lot and Penetration Testing Solution

BreachLock™ provides end to end lot and Application Security Testing as a Service

Attack Surface Assessment

Our team will analyze the attack surface of IoT systems and will assess the highest risk interface and communication. We take an adversary perspective and focus on the entry points that matter. Working closely with your team, we’ll create a customized approach covering the entire system and help you identify and mitigate the most critical vulnerabilities.

IoT Penetration Testing

Our penetration and system analysis testing will cover basic analysis to consider the whole ecosystem of the IoT technology is covered. We will cover every component and analyze its security posture from the hackers perspective. Our testing includes the IoT mobile application, cloud APIs, and hardware devices as well as mobile devices with standard or nonstandard firmware.

Hardware Penetration Testing

We will test the physical security and internal architecture of your hardware to determine the complete attack surface. Our approach may include component identification, firmware exploitation, identification of interfaces, and exploiting the device to bypass security controls, intercept and modify traffic or commands.

Transport Layer Security

We will test communications between various interfaces included ethernet, wifi, and Bluetooth. Our review focuses on the cryptographic strength of your encryption and the possibility to manipulate data in transit. We also fuzz the input to your device or application where possible. We will assess the complete communication pattern and report any security gaps we find backed with screenshots.

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BreachLock™ Penetration Testing Methodology Explained in 4 Steps

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