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Implement DevSecOps Penetration Testing with BreachLock™

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Your applications and cloud environment are always on the move. New features and changes are deployed with agility. Don’t deprive your small releases of DevSecOps Penetration Testing as that may result in big security gaps for your applications.

DevOps Penetration Testing

Requesting a penetration test on your latest release is as simple as clicking a button. Our security researchers swing into action and replicate hacker-like manual penetration testing activity on your cloud infrastructure and applications. You get online as well as PDF reports with screenshots of hacked areas.

Dynamic App Security Tests

Run a Dynamic App Security Tests any time you deploy a release on your staging environment. The scan covers both authenticated and non authenticated parts of the application and produces detailed reports with vulnerabilities and suggestions on fixes.

Automated Vulnerability Scans

Run automated scans on your cloud instances to ensure that the operating systems don't leak sensitive information or give way to hackers. Each finding is validated to ensure that you see no false positives despite the automated nature of these scans.

Stay Compliant

Demonstrate your compliance by introducing multiple checkpoints for security validation before you deploy changes in production. Each finding can be retested after fixes have been deployed. This ensures that you fix application security gaps continuously and prevent any misconfiguration of underlying platforms.

BreachLock™ Penetration Testing Methodology Explained in 4 Steps

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